2021 Capital Arts Fest Marketing Toolkit

Use some of these sample communications below to start spreading the word about your involvement in the 2021 Capital Arts Fest. When sharing on social media, we encourage you to add #CapitalArtsFest to your posts to make your content stand out and encourage festival attendees to create their own posts about the event.

Please reach out to Emily Marsh, Creative Director at the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce if you have any questions or would like a quick demo on posting to social media. Email: emarsh@concordnhchamber.com . Phone: (603) 224-2508.


Sample Social Media Posts

  • Announce your participation ( Post this on August 22-28 ):

We are excited to announce that we're participating in #CapitalArtsFest! Mark your calendars for September 24-26 in downtown Concord and beyond.

  • Share the Facebook event ( Post this on August 29-September 4 ):

Visit the Facebook event online here and click "Share Event". Then add the following to your post:

Join us at #CapitalArtsFest! We're participating in this city-wide celebration of Concord's culture, arts, and food.

  • Post details about your involvment ( Post this on September 5-11 ):

We can't wait to see you at #CapitalArtsFest on September 24-26 in downtown Concord and beyond! Don't miss our (describe your envolvement) taking place at  (add your location) on  (add the date of your involvement) .

  • Describe the event (Post this on September 12-18):

#CapitalArtsFest is right around the corner! Surround yourself in traditional crafts, live music, theater and dance performances and presentations by authors and poets. All this and more takes place on September 24-26 in downtown Concord and beyond. Learn more at: visitconcord-nh.com/capital-arts-fest

  • Remind your audience to plan their weekend (Post this on September 19-23):

This weekend is #CapitalArtsFest! View the full festival schedule to see the list of artists and activities in this city-wide celebration. Plan your weekend at:  visitconcord-nh.com/capital-arts-fest

  • Encourage your audience to attend! (Post this on September 24-26):

We're having a blast at #CapitalArtsFest! Make sure you check out our (insert your participation info)  when you visit this city-wide festival. You can learn more about other community participants online at:  visitconcord-nh.com/capital-arts-fest


Downloadable Graphics

Photos and graphics help your social media posts attract more views and gets your audience excited about your organization. We encourage you to add photos to all your social media posts, or use the downloadable graphics provided below.

Download Instructions: Click on the corresponding link for the image you want to download. Right click on the image and then click "Save Image As" to download.

Download the Capital Arts Fest logo

Download the Save the Date social media graphic

Download the Event Description social media graphic

Download the Sponsors social media graphic


Printable Graphics

Print this downloadable 8.5x11" 3-page schedule and map !

Looking to set up a sandwich board? Send this 24x26" sign to your favorite printer (or use our recommendations ). This will cost about $22 per side.

Print this downloadable 8.5x11" page and cut in half to create a flier for the event.

Print this downloadable 8.5x11" sign with a QR code to promote the event.

Download the QR Code , and add it to your own printed designs.


Create an Email

A direct, targeted email to your contact list is a great way to spread the word about your participation in Capital Arts Fest. Here is a sample email that you can edit or use as-is.

Join us at Capital Arts Fest on September 24-26! Community organizations throughout the city are participating in this celebration of arts and culture. We're proud to be a part of the festivities planned in downtown Concord and beyond.

This festival features indoor and outdoor events that showcase the best of the region’s culture, arts, and food. Capital Arts Fest will be anchored by a Fine Art and Craft Fair on South Main Street, presented by the League of NH Craftsmen. Don't miss our  (describe your involvement)  taking place at  (add your location)  on  (add the date of your involvement) . Learn more about all artists and events planned throughout the fest by visiting the event webpage:  visitconcord-nh.com/capital-arts-fest .

Spend the day or spend the weekend and see why Concord is considered the cultural center of the state.


Create a Facebook event

A Facebook event for your organization's unique activity at Capital Arts Fest will encourage your followers to attend. Create a Facebok event for the day and time that you are participating and add this tagline to the end:

View the full Capital Arts Fest schedule to see a list of activities in this city-wide celebration. Plan your weekend at:  visitconcord-nh.com/capital-arts-fest