Opportunity in a time of crisis

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The Chamber offers award-winning marketing resources that showcase New Hampshire’s unique appeal and business advantage to those in search of a higher quality of life


There is no sugar coating the devastating effects of the economic shutdown brought about by the pandemic. It has been a tough five months for New Hampshire businesses and we are not out of the woods yet. But there is some good news worth talking about and some real economic opportunity for communities like Concord and New Hampshire in general.

It is certainly worth highlighting New Hampshire’s track record in terms of responding to COVID-19. Swift action resulted in avoiding the rapid spread of the virus, even though a main epicenter of the disease is a little more than an hour to our south in Boston. We prepared for the worst-case scenario and avoided a dreaded surge that could have overwhelmed our healthcare system. We ramped up NH Employment Security to handle unprecedented numbers. Much needed emergency funding was, for the most part, disbursed to businesses in a timely and efficient manner without a lot of red tape, keeping our economy afloat. We involved industry leaders in the planning process for reopening the economy. And while a second surge of COVID is certainly possible, we are much better prepared with sufficient PPE, testing capacity and a better understanding of strategies that work. In other words, this could have been a whole lot worse, as it was and still is in other states! 

On the silver lining side, a real opportunity has emerged for communities such as ours. People in dense metropolitan settings are questioning whether or not they want continue to live and work in big cities, and there is an exodus of people moving to more rural environments. In New Hampshire, we have a terrific product to sell in terms of attracting workers and businesses. Safe communities, good schools, lower cost of living, and magnificent recreational and cultural amenities are just of few of the selling points. Before COVID, recruiting talent was among the biggest challenges for New Hampshire businesses. Today we have an opportunity to set the stage for a post-COVID robust and healthy economy. We need to strike while the iron is hot.

To that end, we offer multiple, professional marketing resources that showcase New Hampshire and the Capital region to entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as established career and young professionals.

In March, Everyday Wanderer recognized our www.VisitConcord-NH.com blog site as one of the “Best Tourism Websites in the U.S.”

And the Chamber’s 26th edition of the Guidebook to Greater Concord, New Hampshire, our premier relocation piece produced in partnership with the Concord Monitor, features the award-winning photography of Geoff Forester.

As the state capital chamber of commerce, we are a top resource for those looking to visit and relocate here. We’re proud to share these comprehensive resources and encourage you to use them to highlight New Hampshire as a premier destination for those in search of an ideal place to live, attend college, start a business, work and raise a family!

Incorporated in 1919, the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest chambers in the state with more than 950 members. New Hampshire's state capital chamber of commerce develops economic opportunities, strengthens the business climate and enhances quality of life in the Capital region.

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