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We turn the calendar on a new decade next month. In life, that often means evaluating one’s accomplishments and life goals. Is it time to pick up some new business skills? Or to incorporate better time management? Could you use advice on estate planning or healthy meal prep?

Keeping up to speed on a broad range of topics relevant to life and career is challenging at times, especially when we’re busy working, raising kids, managing aging parents, paying mortgages and school loans, etc. The good news is personal and professional development, and even business training, doesn’t have to cost a lot or feel inconvenient. Your membership gives you access to all kinds of practical learning opportunities at various times and no additional cost to you.

Our complimentary learning resources include the Orr & Reno Legal Breakfast Series, the Sugar River Bank Lunch & Learn Series, CYPN’s Annual Wellness Series, Business Focus articles in the Chamber Review and one-on-one training with a NH Small Business Development Center certified business advisor between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month—call (603) 862-5221 to schedule a call or a SBDC meeting at our office.

At a recent Legal Breakfast Series event, Orr & Reno attorneys Jonathan Eck and William Chapman presented attendees with a helpful summary of legislature enacted in 2019 including adoption of a new act that has clarified how digital assets—which can be defined as anything from access to a personal email account, to online access to a bank account—can be accessed by a fiduciary under a will, trust, or power of attorney, among others.

SBDC offers confidential meetings for members in all sectors seeking advice on financing, improving operations, business sustainability best practices, bringing new products to market, management infrastructure, and where to start in launching a new business or purchasing/selling an existing one.

If free sessions with registered dieticians, lawyers, business advisors, entrepreneurs and more sounds good to you, then bookmark our website, sign up for our enewsletter and register to attend events that will help you accomplish a goal, answer a question or live a better life in 2020.

Tim Sink is the President of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce. Read his posts at

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