2022 Citizen of the Year online nomination form

Thank you for nominating a candidate for the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce's highest honor—the Citizen of the Year. Each year, we recognize an individual who has made a positive impact on the Capital Region and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities throughout their professional career or lifetime of volunteer activities. We greatly appreciate your time and effort to bring this person to our attention so we may honor someone in the Capital region who has contributed to the general benefit of the Greater Concord community. The nominee does not have to be a member of the Chamber or the business community. No awards will be given posthumously. Nominations are due on Monday, September 19.

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A Committee will review all nominations received by Monday, September 19. The award will be presented to this year's recipient at the Chamber's 103rd Annual Meeting  on Wednesday, November 2, beginning at 5 p.m. at the Grappone Conference Center.



2021: Jim Snodgrass
2020: Linda Lorden
2019: Claudia Walker
2018: David Ruedig
2017: Bill Chapman
2016: Teresa Rosenberger
2015: Harold Janeway
2014: Michael Green
2013: George Segal
2012: C. Thomas Brown
2011: Mark Ciborowski
2010: Ron Wilbur
2009: Tom Raffio
2008: Bob Larsen
2007: Peggy Senter
2006: Rev. David P. Jones
2005: Forrest McKerley
2004: Helen & George Hamilton
2003: Robert & Beverly Grappone
2002: Jane Berwick
2001: Irene F. Deschenes
2000: William J. Veroneau
1999: Richard W. Patten
1998: James W. Milliken
1997: Robert A. Hill
1996: Maria Manus Painchaud
1995: Cedric Dustin
1994: John Swope
1993: Thomas R. Rutherford
1992: Martin Gross
1991: John T. Grappone
1990: Mary Susan Leahy
1989: James H. Hayes
1988: Mark E. Manus
1987: Richard F. Upton
1986: Charles F. Foley
1985: Russell F. Martin
1984: Thomas M. Hardiman
1983: Douglas N. Everett
1982: Atty. Dudley W. Orr
1981: Edna C. McKenna
1980: Edson F. Eastman
1979: Malcom A. Spoor
1978: Robert O. Wilson, DDS
1977: Earle M. Reingold
1976: Malcolm McLane
1975: Joan M. Whittaker
1975: Sandra P. Jones
1974: Alger S. Bourn
1973: C. Edwin Howard, Elizabeth J. Donovan
1972: J. Richard Jackman
1971: Frederick P. Berman
1970: Norma Gardner
1969: Dr. Horace S. Blood
1968: Col. Albert S. Baker
1967: Phyllis A. Bowie, Roland E. Allen
1966: Dr. & Mrs. Homer Lawrence