State Government

The constitution of 1784 provides for the governor to serve a two-year term. The state has the largest legislature in the country, and is represented in the U.S. Congress by two senators and two representatives who each have an electoral vote.

As the state capital and county seat for Merrimack County, Concord is headquarters to numerous state, county, local and federal agencies and also home to a number of major law firms and professional organizations that work with government.

law Every four years the city springs to national attention during the presidential primary and is always cranking into high gear in anticipation of the next primary. Presidential hopefuls descend upon Concord and surrounding areas to court residents in the hopes of garnering a victory in the prestigious First in the Nation New Hampshire Primary. With the exception of 1992 and 2008, no presidential candidate has gone on to win the presidency without first winning our state primary.

Most New Hampshire towns still adhere to the traditional selectmen form of government, and each spring residents gather at annual Town Meetings to discuss and vote on the town budget and other municipal issues.


State of New Hampshire

Governor’s Office, 271-2121
State House Switchboard, 271-1110
Legislative Office Building – Lobby, 271-3321


President’s Office, 271-2111
Senate Majority Leader, Jeb Bradley (R) 271-2106
Clerk’s Office, 271-3420
Sergeant at Arms, 271-3315

House of Representatives

Speaker’s Office, 271-3661
House Majority Leader, Stephen Shurtleff (D), 271-3529
Clerk’s Office, 271-2548
Sergeant at Arms, 271-3315

State Agencies

Administrative Services (Dept. of) 271-3201
Air Resources Agency, 271-1370
Attorney General’s Office, 271-3655
Banking Department, 271-3561
Business Finance Authority, 415-0190
Cultural Affairs (Dept. of), 271-2540
Development Disabilities Council, 271-3236
Economic Development (Division of), 271-2341
Education (Dept. of), 271-3494
Emergency Management (Office of), 271-2231
Employment Security (Dept. of), 228-4000
Environmental Services, (Dept. of), 271-3503
Forests and Lands (Division of), 271-2214
Health and Human Services (Dept. of), 271-4331
Highway Safety Agency, 271-2131
Human Rights Commission, 271-2767
Insurance Department,271-2261
Judicial Council, 271-3592
Labor (Dept. of), 271-3176
Legislative Budget Assistant, 271-2389
Legislative Services, 271-3432
Liquor Commission, 271-3134
Port Authority, 436-8500
Postsecondary Education Commission, 271-2555
Postsecondary Technical Education (Dept. of), 271-2722
Public Utilities Commission, 271-2431
Public Works and Highways (Dept of), 271-3516
Real Estate Commission, 271-2701
Resources/ Economic Development (Dept. of), 271-2411
Revenue Administration (Dept. of), 271-2191
Safety (Dept. of), 271-2791
Secretary of State, 271-3242
Transportation (Dept. of), 271-3734
Travel & Tourism Development (Office of), 271-2665
Treasury, 271-2621
Water Resources Board, 271-3406
Water Supply/Pollution Control Commission, 271-3503