Member Testimonials

The Concord NH Chamber is a great resource for any local business, of any size. The amount of value they provide their members is impressive. From local (and virtual) networking events, to SEO-driven placements, to advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as well as ways to volunteer and get more involved in Concord, it's clear they have put Concord businesses first. But there's just so much more a membership brings that my one review can't possibly cover it all. After our first year as members, we will definitely be continuing our membership and definitely recommend joining to any local business, large or small, in any industry!
Mike Visconti, V12 Marketing

You and the Chamber have really helped me find my footing in Concord and I cannot thank you enough. In the short time I have been here I have made so many connections and I can only see that growing.
Karen Waters, NBT Bank, N.A.

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the on-going webinars that the Chamber has works so hard to put together. As a new business owner here in Concord, they have been truly invaluable. I even reached out to the law office hosting one of the webinars with a PPP question and they got back to me so quickly, less than 15 minutes with an answer. I am truly proud to be part of the Concord community and a member of the Concord Chamber of Commerce.
Crystal-Lee Thompson, Allstate Thompson Insurance Agency 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Concord Chamber thus far – it is by far one of the best if not The Best Chamber in the state! And I look forward to becoming much more involved.
Jason Martin, SigniFlow Americas LLC 

The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce has been a valuable tool in bringing business to my company. The Chamber’s recommendation of Sweet Crunch Bakeshop and Catering has resulted in direct business for my company. I can’t thank the chamber enough for the warm welcome and the constant support.
Debbie Burritt

My husband registered us for a Greater Concord Chamber event and we immediately made new friends from Concord Young Professionals Network (CYPN) that night. I cannot thank CYPN enough for welcoming us with open arms and connecting us with other young professionals in the community to help generate awareness for our business.
Tina Marchand, Ellie and Piper Party Boutique

I really love my work with the Concord Chamber and working within the Capital Area Student Leadership (CASL) program. It's a great way to stay connected to area high schools students and to learn what they are dealing with. Working with all of these schools has been rewarding and challenging. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak directly to the CASL students and for your kind words. I really get a lot out of working with the CASL program.
Jim Hinson, CASL Committee, NH Division of Business & Economic Activity

Again, thanks for thinking of the Boys & Girls Club for the Chamber event. We always love taking the opportunity to tell our story to a wider audience. The team at the Chamber is so easy to work with low stress and high energy. We at the Club were very happy with the attendance, flow of the evening. Great job all!
Chris Emond, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire

As a business owner, building a strong referral network is essential. The chamber makes this task easy through their well attended events and member participation. Joining the chamber was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.
Stephen Smith, FIREHORSE Creative

I want to say really briefly how impressed I have been with the Concord Chamber. The informational packets and thorough/hands-on service has been fantastic. It is easy to see that it is an organization that is run by passionate community members. I’ve never been to a chamber event before but even just attending the member briefing was really eye-opening and I am honestly looking forward to getting more involved on behalf of Davis and Towle but also, for my own personal benefit and enjoyment. As a Concord native – born and raised – it has definitely sparked my interest.

Taylor Flanders, Davis & Towle Insurance Group

Chamber Connections is a powerful resource for Chamber members. The format, which mixes member profile presentation about how their business adds value for their clients, each member’s “Teaching Time” to pass along knowledge based upon their personal expertise, plus presentations from invited experts makes for an extremely valuable 90 minutes. Additional networking time outside of the Connections meetings allows members to further build their brand and develop a whole new network of “Connections Ambassadors” to help grow relationships at larger Chamber events. I am so glad I was invited to participate. Worth every penny and minute.
John Ela

Since working for an organization that’s a member of the Greater Concord Chamber – I know the community on a whole other level. I don’t miss a Business After Hours event – they are great for networking and just having a good time – and the staff is always helpful, too.
Barbara Pacelli

What a great way to launch our membership in the Chamber of Commerce... Business BEFORE Hours at ConvenientMD! Touring the facility was such an eye-opener and good to put on our list above visits to the ER. Some faces were familiar and a pleasure to reconnect with. Several business opportunities presented themselves: a possible exhibit at a local theatre, as well as two requests for a donation of his artwork for worthy causes. All in all, a super start to our Chamber membership.
Conrad Young

I have to tell you, every single person at the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce is incredible to work with – helpful, kind, creative, timely… We have the best Chamber ever.
Lee Ann Lewis

Great presentation this morning ("Putting the Chamber's Website to Work for You"). I have not been as active with the Chamber as I would like to be, and had no idea that you do so much!
Laura Provost, Altus Investment Group

Chamber Connections is already paying dividends. Thanks again for including me!
Steve Venezia

Sullivan Creative had been working in the area for nearly 10 years when we decided to close our Boston office after 24 years and pack up and move to Concord in 2011. We were fortunate to find a great space not too far from the Chamber's new offices on Main Street. I turned to the Chamber for advice about how to start getting connected with prospective clients. Kathy was awesome, and sat down with me and helped develop a plan. One of the key components was to advertise in their print newsletter [The Chamber Review]. We have been doing it for about six months and it has more than paid for itself. Thank you!
Pam Sullivan

The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce is a beautiful facility with beautiful people to match. They really do a great job of making you feel like you're a member of their family, and they are willing to provide you with the resources and expert advice you need to make your business, brand, or advertising campaign succeed.
Eric Thornberg

The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce is the epitome of dedication to members they serve while responding to current business needs and demands, all while maintaining the utmost professionalism. I would recommend membership to any business looking to improve exposure and network their organization.
Annie Bridgeman

A good friend, Julie Poliquin of Davis & Towle Insurance, invited me to attend the Concord Chamber's Business After Hours on May 13th. What a warm reception! What an energetic, welcoming community of people eager to introduce themselves and ask about me and my business. Every chamber has its own character, and I'm very impressed with this one's. Julie said it's always like this - I look forward to continuing and deepening the connection.
Elizabeth Skipper

I am a proud member of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce. Being a member and an Ambassador of the Concord Chamber has been and continues to be a rewarding experience. The business we acquire from networking with the Chamber is immeasurable. The Chamber has a variety of ways that you can get involved - based on the time commitment that you can offer. I am thrilled to be involved with such a vibrant, connected, and quality organization.
Paul Ebbs, Quality Press, Inc.

I just want to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoy being part of the Chamber community! We have met some wonderful people and have made some very fruitful connections. Thank you so much for your continuous effort.
Kate Baker, Children’s Scholarship Fund NH

Our advertisement on the Chamber's website seems to be doing a whole lot of work for us-- thank you! We'll renew that ad for SURE, because we're getting a lot of bang for the buck on what we're doing. The Chamber is drawing some wonderful interest with all you have going on. We're very happy to see Concord so well represented on the web!
Starving Artists Movers

If all your Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours events are as popular as these then you may have the most party-loving membership in America. I can’t remember a reception in my 48 years at The BALSAMS that had so many people reaching out their hands to say hello and eager to have a get-acquainted conversation. Your members are truly champion meet & greeters.
Stephen Barba

We had a great time at the After Hours event. As new members we weren't sure what to expect, but we easily assimilated into the energetic - and large - crowd. My only regret is that I was too busy chatting and never had a chance to sample the hors d'oeuvres!
FirstTracks Marketing

Like so many of us, I plow through countless virtual and hard copy newsletters, white pages, magazines, and news sources every month, passing most of it with a glance. However, your Chamber newsletter is a local resource that catches me every month. I always find something helpful whether it is a local expert with good information, a promotion of an acquaintance, or a coming Chamber event. Through a dozen years in this wonderful community, the Chamber newsletter continues to be something I read every time it lands in the office. Thank you for your continued focus on being relevant to the business community. We are lucky to have such a solid Chamber.
Brenda Litchfield, CCIM, Concord Commercial Real Estate

I thought that the website meeting was quite informative. It seemed like most people learned some things that they weren’t aware of. The website is a powerful marketing tool for businesses that know how to take advantage of it, so it is valuable information that you are providing. I thought that you both did a good job of presenting it.
Phil Donovan, Sugar Creek Workshop

I wanted you to know that I found that the time I invested with the Chamber Connections group allowed me deeper connections to individuals and companies in the Chamber than I would have otherwise had. It is through those connections that trust and credibility are formed, which ultimately translate to growth for my business. I feel a greater sense of belonging and have been approached by some members to work together. I am honored to have been a part of the group.
Carol Williams

Are you a member of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce? We are! We love being a member and working with their team. If you aren't a member, consider joining today.
Caitlyn Cawley, Home Instead Senior Care

The Concord Chamber of Commerce does it again…great event last night. I make some great new contacts, reconnected with existing partnerships and even enjoyed myself. Thanks again for all that you do.
Jim Hinson

I can't ever recall having an unpleasant experience with either the Business Before Hours or Business After Hours events because everyone is so hospitable. Today's group at Loudon even bested that feeling 100 fold. The nicest folks yet. They know the meaning of hospitality, and they need to know that it didn't go unnoticed.
Bob Molloy, Molloy Sound & Video Contractors

The best chamber on the planet!
Liz Early

I can't speak highly enough about my experience working with the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber staff members are uniformly enthusiastic about their work, and have an obvious dedication to stimulating the area economy by educating and connecting its members. Furthermore, their educational and networking events are some of the best attended in the state, and this is no doubt due to the friendly and welcoming spirit that they have fostered. I am convinced that a membership in the Greater Concord Chamber is the best return on investment a business or nonprofit can make.
Ryan Robinson, Mainstay Technologies, LLC

I would like to thank you for the Chamber's support and hard work in making our VIP event a great success. I have been exposed to a number of chambers throughout the state and Concord always stands out as one of the best! Thanks for arranging the ribbon cutting with Mayor Bouley and all the things you do to make Concord a special place.
John Udaloy, Jr.

In my profession, insight into what other people do and why they do it is a requirement for producing good work. Chamber Connections gave me a privileged view into businesses new to me and a chance to explain my own. I looked forward to the meetings as I look forward to continued relationships with the people that I met.
Christopher N. Carley, AIA, LEED AP, C.N. Carley Associates

I attended the Social Media Marketing Seminar at the Chamber in Concord, NH yesterday. It was one of the most eye-opening and educational seminars I've attended (and I've attended many seminars across the country!) I just want to say thank you, and to let you know how great the seminar was. I will now be putting our practice on things such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Thanks again!
Marketing Manager, Infinite Health Family Chiropractic

We’re thoroughly impressed with the Concord Chamber and all that you do. It’s great to be a member!
Mike Ciance

I come across so many people I met at the Chamber meetings and it’s a wonderful network. You do such a great job for the community.
Claudette V. Brown


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