Welcome to the Visitor Center

The Capital Region Visitor Center, operated by the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce and supported by Granite State Ambassadors, provides local and statewide information to the ever-expanding number of visitors to our area.

The Visitor Center is open* year-round in the "Smile" building at 49 South Main Street, Concord. Our friendly staff is ready to provide tips on fun things to do and useful information about restaurants, places to stay and upcoming events. You'll also find racks of brochures featuring lots of Concord area and statewide attractions, museums, cultural destinations, outdoor activities, parks, walking trails, bike trails, ski areas and more, as well as a gift shop featuring beautiful and unique New Hampshire products and gifts. It's a great place to begin your visit!

Stop by for helpful tips, local publications and for the opportunity to see a real moose. We're proud to display the largest land mammal in New Hampshire right in our lobby. Adult moose stand at an impressive 6 to 7 feet at the shoulder (car headlights generally show a moose's legs only) and weigh in at over 1,000 pounds. This state icon is most often seen at dawn or dusk along the roads and in bodies of water. If you're fortunate enough to see one, do not approach a moose or expect it to stop for your car. Moose can run as fast as a galloping horse. Save the selfies and close-ups for the Chamber's Visitor Center!  

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Happy Friday, everyone! Thought we’d share a little office humor and wish you all a great first weekend in February. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, routing for the Pats, or spending time with friends, family or coworkers, remember to be in the moment and enjoy it.

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Larger groups of sightseers, school groups, clubs, organizations and families are welcome. We also enjoy meeting well-behaved, four-footed family members like  Gizmo .

Interested in moving to New Hampshire? 

We're your resource for demographic and relocation information that includes schools, healthcare, leading employers and industries, business resources, property tax rates, population, average household incomes, and other important information about the communities we serve. Order our Relocation Guide online now or pick one up in the Visitor Center.

Drop in or contact us for more information:

Visitor Center at the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce
49 South Main Street, Suite 104, Concord, NH 03301
Open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(603) 224-2508 or info@concordnhchamber.com


Important COVID-19 update:

*The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce is now operating remotely in accordance with Governor Sununu's stay at home directive. Visit www.ConcordNHChamber.com for online events, legislative updates and more important business resources. Please contact us at info@concordnhchamber.com or (603) 224-2508 if you need assistance or to make an appointment.